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Welcome to NIH

Nordjyllands Idrætshøjskole is a Danish folk high school for physical education. At our school we welcome students from all over the world who would like to experience a Danish “idrætshøjskole”. We teach a wide range of different sports. In the northern part of Jutland you will find our school in great surroundings for outdoor activities like beach volley, football, pole climbing and many others.
Our courses last 19, 25 or 44 weeks. In the autumn the semester lasts 19 weeks, and in the spring 25 weeks. A semester is divided into two periods, and for each period you can choose up to 4 sport subjects so that you can have up to 8 sports subjects in one semester.

At Nordjyllands Idrætshøjskole you will be part of an international class where you spend around 10 lessons a week. In this class we focus on Danish culture, youth culture, pedagogics, and the special Danish tradition of democracy. We visit typical Danish institutions and visit some of the beautiful attractions in North Jutland. We will be taking part in arranging an international day at the school, where you cook your favorite meals for the Danish students to taste. We also have students from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe islands.
International students quickly intervene with our Danish students due to the social and educational activities at the school, and the fact that you live so closely together often results in great friendships across cultural backgrounds. Our school works like an adult boarding school, and it is important for us that our students do not only achieve sports skills, but also the ability to develop your social skills.
At Nordjyllands Idrætshøjskole the teachers will be a big part of your everyday life, and they are very passionate about their subjects. This, combined with our great new sports facilities, gives you the best conditions of reaching your goal, whether it is running a marathon or learning the techniques of volleyball.

Our teachers and a majority of the Danish students speak English, and so no previous experience with the Danish language is required. However, a fair command of the English language is required. Sports lessons are mainly in Danish, but some are to a certain degree also in English.

Danish folk high schools have no exams, and a course at a folk high school does not qualify international students for a higher educational institution or to stay in Denmark afterwards. Furthermore, international students at a Danish folk high school are not allowed to do paid work. Read more about our school and the special Danish “folk high school” concept.

How to apply

If you wish to apply to our school, please fill in this registration form and send it to us along with your CV including all relevant personal data, educational background and a few lines about yourself.

A brief introduction to some of our sports subjects

(to see all subjects go to Danish presentation)

In Adventure you will try out many different activities, for example MTB, climbing, canoe, kayak, orienteering race and rappelling.
In Badminton we work with coordination and footwork in order to make you a better badminton player. You will do matches and receive intensive training.
Fitness is intensive and specified training of your body. You can train with others, trying out aerobic, step, coretraining, powerdance and funk or you can be instructed how to use dumbells and machines most effectively.
Soccer is a very intensive game and we will work on your psychical and technical skills in order to make you a good team player. We will play matches and also educate you as a soccer coach.
Denmark is one of the leading nations when it comes to handball. Choosing handball as one of your sport lines will challenge you technically, psychically and tactically.
Powersport is all about high pulse, sweat, endurance and hard work. We will try out MTB, inline skaters, running, swimming and spinning. You will improve your condition, learn how to schedule your training.
Spinning is about rhythm and high pulse. We will work with spinning techniques, the making of a good spinning program and choice of music. It is a great workout and a good way to get fit.
Volleyball is a great game! We will work with the basic principles of volleyball and do matches. In the summertime it is sun, sand, sweat – it is beachvolley!

Timetable (example)

You can choose freely from practically all subjects and make your own daily programme/schedule.
In addtition to the above timetable, we have one weekly “højskoleaften”, sports meetings, optional school trips, and various events.


We have three different types of weekends – event weekends (A weekends) (special event at the school, attendance compulsory), workshop weekends and free weekends.


All meals are served in the school’s dining room. Read more about the meals and the school’s kitchen here.

Please feel free to call us (+45 9882 5300) or e-mail us (, if you have any questions or want to obtain further information about financial support, duration of courses and conditions in general. You can also follow everyday life at Nordjyllands Idrætshøjskole on Facebook.

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